It is a lot more difficult these days for parents to find dependable (and trustworthy) young adults to babysit their children. Date nights are foregone due to the fact that the babysitters are impossible to find at the last minute. Too often parents of young children tend to forget to take those special nights alone because they’ve spent all day scouring their cell phone contacts for the perfect “friend of a friend” who is available at the last minute on Saturday evening only to come up with nothing. Luckily, Lauren Kay, a recent graduate of Brown University with a major in American Studies, came up with the perfect remedy for busy parents: SmartSitting.

Lauren Kay came up with the concept for SmartSitters two summers ago, when she was working one too many babysitting jobs. She decided to create a network of friends and peers to help her take on the jobs. From then on, SmartSitting was born. Lauren spent her two finals years at Brown University balancing schoolwork and SmartSitting. Along the way, she connected with her two partners, fellow Executive Director Dara Epstein, and Associate Director Suzie Zeldin. Lauren is currently residing in New York City and running SmartSitting full-time while tutoring on the side.

SmartSitting is a personal, unique childcare network that connects New York City based families with intelligent, experienced, and engaging ‘babysitters’. At the momemt, SmartSitting is working with around 60 families and over 100 SmartSitters. According to Lauren, “Our definition of babysitting couldn’t be further from its roots — we view it as a time to learn, explore, and grow; to forge meaningful and lasting bonds; and to have joyful and memorable experiences. As any New York City family knows, New York City is an amazing yet hectic city. It truly takes a village to raise a child, and our network exists to create a stress-free, connected way for families to find reliable, trustworthy caregivers.” This past summer, SmartSitting re-designed their website and added a video that they filmed with three families and SmartSitters. “It’s a very exciting time for us”, Lauren adds, “as we’re growing really quickly, and enjoying every moment!”

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