The alternative band Delta Rae recently released their new album “Carry the Fire” on June 8th, 2012 and their first single “Bottom of the River” is blowing up the charts. They just released an acoustic type medley of four of their songs through the Warner Sound on YouTube and it is fantastic.  Seriously…check it out. I can’t wait until you do. You can also read below for more information and videos on this awesome band.

Delta Rae on The Warner Sound

Delta Rae performs four of their songs: “Morning Comes,” “If I Loved You,” “Is There Anyone Out There,” and “Bottom of the River” in in this exclusive live one take medley on The Warner Sound

Watch more Delta Rae performances on The Warner Sound:

Is There Anyone Out There

Morning Comes

Bottom of the River

If I Loved You

Download or listen to samples Delta Rae’s album Carry The Fire on iTunes

Executive Producer Phil Botti

Director Michael Thelin

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Stein for Swan7 Recording

Find Delta Rae on their homepage, Delta Rae, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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Finally, see The Warner Sound on the Web.


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