Obviously I am not an auto mechanic but I am a Professional Organizer so I feel I can give my advice! LOL!  I just recently bought a new car and sold my old, very old 1998 Grand Prix.  How sad is that, my car was older than my oldest son?

As I was trying to sell my car I pulled out all of my repair receipts for my car.  I only keep certain repair receipts.  First of all, most people will assume you are taking care of the car by changing the oil so I do not keep any those receipts.  I keep any repair that would have a warranty.  Now with that being said, if you go to the same mechanic every time your car is a little temperamental, you can always have them run a report for you to show your car care before you sell your car.

The main reason I would keep the warranty repair receipts is if you buy a set of tires from Firestone or another national tire store your warranty is good at ALL locations.  I keep the tire receipts in the actual vehicle.  So many times when we are getting our oil changed we will have our tires rotated to keep them newer longer.  If you don’t have the receipt with you and your are at a new location, they can make it a little difficult.  If you have the receipt with you it gets you going faster so you can get out of there!

I keep an auto file in our file cabinet.  In the file folder I have a file for my husband’s truck, one for my car and our auto insurance.  I keep our car titles in our safety deposit box at our bank for safe keeping…hint, hint!

Whether you selling your car or keeping it until it is almost dead like I did, having your receipts in order will help you show that you have taken care of your car and will help you stay on top of any new repairs that may come up.  My air conditioner went out while we were on vacation (yes it was parked in the garage…don’t ask me!) either way I had the thermostat and other parts still under warranty. My mechanic replaced free of charge while fixing the air conditioner.  I didn’t save hundreds but every dollar helps!

Author Michelle Lehman of Organizing Solutions “Clear the Clutter” Michelle is a Professional Organizer in the Tulsa area. Her articles have been featured in the Tulsa World, The Oklahoman, Chicago Sun-Times and The Chicago Post-Tribune.  Michelle appears on TheNewsOn 6 KOTV and Fox23 News This Morning giving organizing tips and recommendations.

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